Laszlo Varga
Senior full-stack developer

Welcome! I’m Laszlo Varga

Developing user facing websites and services, both as a businessman and a software developer. Loving the cloud and fan of the startup scene.

Always build something the users want!

Collegues and friends
  • UI/UX Development
  • Web Application
  • DB and backend
  • Devops
  • Cloud architecture design
  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Online marketing
  • Business idea development
  • Language

We are building the most simple Wordpress platform ever created. Maximum functionaly with no technical skills needed.

European Commission
Senior Developer

Working on several big projects of the European Commission as a Senior Developer, focusing on the frontend development.

Senior Developer

Developing loyalty solutions for one of the biggest travel websites in the world.

Technical Solutions Manager

Designing IT solutions for the biggest companies in Hungary. Communicating with sales and IT teams. Creating cost and price structure as well as the IT architecture models.

Professional focus
Web applications

Building web applications is my favourite activity. User facing projects, rapid, agile development, listening to the users needs. Users speak with their actions, we just need to listen.

Cloud technologies

I enjoy working with the cloud. From Aws, Azure or Bluemix to Digital Ocean, Heroku, Database Saas services, anything. Preferred languages are Java and Javascript - both frontend and backend - php. But language is just a tool. The created product is what matters!

Backend development

Backend development is in my heard mainly when something needs to be optimized. Finding what makes an application slow or why is it broken? It's better than a crossword puzzle!


When I'm not developing, I love picking up my guitar and play some Metallica or Iron Maiden songs. Sometimes others, too. Guitar is obviously the best instrument in the world!

When to contact

Feel free to contact me about really interesting work opportunities or business matters related to my startup.

Or just for fun. Life is too short, let's do something cool together!

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